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Car Shows

California Speedway 2003

I was sick, REALLY sick and it was 110o in the shade...not a good combination. What saved this car show? ALCOHOL! That's right, welcome to Marguerittaville my friends. After 2 STRONG drinks I was ready to do business and do business I did! We didn't stay long but we did have a REALLY good time as there was a little bit of everything here today! SO I got a couple of sounds, met a couple of cool owners, Mike was there with the Evil Twin and I shot a burnout contest......not a bad day if I do say so myself. Thank you Jose Cuervo, without you it would have been a total wash!!

Pictures & Sounds

1970 Spoiler II 1966 Vette 2003 Mosler MT 900S Photon 1958 Vette
1963 Galaxie 500 1969 Z/28 Camaro F40 Ferrari back

Burnout contest video's!