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Fall Fling 2003



Fall Fling 2003. Usually ANY Mopar show in Van Nuys totally excites me and makes me as giddy as a schoolboy on his first date. This year? Well, I'll be honest with you. I'm the type of guy that if I have a job to do I obsess on it until I get it done. Well I was SUPPOSE to be done with the calendars by Fall Fling but due to unforeseen circumstances it wasn't. So realizing I probably needed some R&R from sitting my hyperactive ass in a copy room for 130 hours my partners INSISTED I get out for this show! Result? Well, it was definitely cool seeing my Penstar Pals but every time I saw a hot car it reminded me of all the hot cars that still needed to be put on print. BUT, I have to admit, I took a prototype of the calendar with me whereas I showed Rob who's on the calendar with his 1971 Superbee and seeing his face made the WHOLE day worth it!! I like Rob and it made me feel good inside, made me realize all the work I had been doing was without a doubt worth every  minute. We shot a few cars and only got sounds of a couple cars as my heart wasn't in it. But there's still some AWESOME cars here so enjoy!!

1969 Roadrunner 1971 'Cuda 1971 GTX 1968 GTX 1969 Roadrunner
1970 Superbird 1969 GTX 1971 Roadrunner 1969 Coronet 1969 Roadrunner