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Inland Mopar 2003




My second year at the show, my second year of success at the show! My plans, shoot the two calendar cars that were going to be at the show and get out not shooting much else due to the fact I'm over a month behind in work. Result? Shot 13 cars with sounds and not the calendar cars!! You gotta go with what feels right and today it felt good to shoot, shoot, shoot!!! Got some great cars here today but better yet met some really cool people. All in all a very good day! Thank you to all the cool Mopar people!!

1969 R/T Coronet   1968 R/T Charger   1969 R/T Charger   1970 Superbird
1971 Charger SE   1970 Roadrunner   1968 Hemi Roadrunner   1970 Duster
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