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Musclecars vs. the Hotrods 2003

Well here we are at another JBA event and here we are having a BLAST!! Some cool cars here today but as good luck would have it the track computer system went  down. Track computer went down, how is that good luck? Well while they were waiting for the parts  they decided to throw together an impromptu burnout contest to keep the masses happy. A burnout contest...... containing full blown racecars....do you see where I'm going with this!?! And we just happened to have a professional video camera at our disposal!! he he. Wait until you see this!! So kick back and get into Jay's world where we're all just along for the ride!


Hot Nova   Cool Poncho   Ron's Nova   Shane's Dragster   Awesome Challenger
In the lineup   Hot Pontiac   Perfect 1964 Falcon   Bad ass Demon    


Who won the burnout contest???? YOU decide!!!

Cool Chevelle Hot 1955 Chevy On fire Camaro 1 bad Chevelle!!
Bad Mopar Boy Not stock Pinto!

Smokey Mustang