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Racin' for a Cure!

OK, I'm not very good at this but here it goes. Brian Massey invited me to participate in his Ford club's charity event called "Racin' for a Cure" in Madera CA. Brian gave me some background that the show was basically spearheaded by a young man named Scott who was restricted to a wheelchair. Scott was a National  Champion high diver before his accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Scott also owned, drove and worked on his own muscle cars. Fine, I'll be there. But when I got a chance to meet and talk a bit with Scott my whole way of thinking immediately changed. What if you woke up one day and was unable to perform the simplest of tasks including driving the car you love. How would you handle it? Me? Don't ask. Scott, well let's just say he was probably the hardest working man here today in the 108o heat and was all smiles, all day. That's how Scott handles it. If I hadn't shot one car today I wouldn't have missed a single thing  making the 270 mile round trip to Madera. I left with an empty wallet and a full heart as I may not have enough knowledge to support Stem Cell Research but I certainly have enough to support Scott and that's all I need.  Hey, you can all make your own decisions whether or not you'd like to give to a charity, I chose to give to a person. Donations or support emails can be given by the info below.

Great Scott Foundation
1625 Howard Road
Box 132
Madera, CA 93637
The foundations website is: www.greatscottfoundation.com.

Even though the Show was hosted by Central Valley Mustangs Club, Inc. a little bit of everything showed up today to participate. But that just means a wider variety of cars for you! Compare the sounds of Ford 428's. 429's, Chevy 427's, 454's, 327's and Chrysler 440's, 340's even an AMC 390! Go ahead you loyalists...we won't tell anyone! Every car you see you can hear due to all the enthusiastic people here today. Thanks Brian, Scott and Madera, we'll be back! Check out Brian's club at http://www.californiacarclubs.com/cvmc.htm and tell 'em Greg sent ya!!

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1970 AMX   1969 SS Camaro   1971 SS Chevelle   1968 Corvette   1970 Roadrunner   1964 Belvedere
1993 Cobra   1969 Boss 429   1969 Shelby GT 500   1968 Shelby GT 500   1970 Barracuda   1969 Camaro
1969 Satelite   1971 Roadrunner   1967 Camaro   1963 Belair   1965 SS Malibu