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If I were to start a car club what would be the things I would look for? Well, first and foremost it would have to have guys that are fun to hang with and have an AWESOME sense of humor who don't take themselves or their cars so serious that they cant laugh at each other. And every car function I've been to where the Mopar Knights have been I've spent MOST of my time hanging with them laughing my ass off at their belittling banter! What else? Well, anyone that knows me knows two things. One, my vehicles kick ass and two, look good doing it! With that said I would like to introduce you to the Mopar Knights where the motto is "If you don't race it, you don't belong!!" Every one of these cars can and have won trophies at car shows AND can cut hot times at the track!! Hey, I've got NOTHING against trailer queens or Sunday drivers as we have a number of them on our site. Some cars are way to valuable to chance accidents. But if I'm going to hang out in a club, they're going to be DRIVERS because if you don't drive them seems to me you miss so much by owning a muscle car if you never flex their muscles!! Because after all that's what Greg is alllll about...DRIVING!! In fact I apologize I didn't shoot all the cars here today because I was out on the track cutting times! The whole day was filled with excitement and humor as it was just a bunch of gear heads getting together to have a good time doing what they love, hanging with their friends and getting their need for speed fix and that's just fine with me! I'd like to thank the Mopar Knights as I pulled up in a Ford and after the initial ribbing, took me in as one of their own and actually asked me if I'd like to run the Bullitt! I learned a lot and next time I'll get a group shot but for now you'll have to deal with what I did get!

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1966 R/T Coronet 1970 Challenger 1965 Belvedere II 1966 A-100 1964 Polara
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