Car Shows

Road Kings


Who knew!?! Here we are traveling sometimes hundreds of miles and one of the coolest car shows I've been to is right in my back yard!! What a blast!! This car show had everything and plenty of it!! There was just a lot of cars and Bob Hope Park is one of the prettiest locations I've ever seen. I met so many cool people today Andy, Randy, Chris, Carin & Dianna etc etc!! So kick back and see and hear some of the cool cars I shot today!!

1999 Shelby   1970 SS Chevelle   1968 Malibu   1970 Torino GT   1969  Chevelle
1970 GT 500   1969 Malibu   1966 Malibu   1967 GTO   1970 GTO
1970 Cuda   1964 Falcon   1968 Z/28