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OK, there's only so much "car stuff" I can take in one day! And I pretty much got my fill of it the first day. I shot a total range of stuff, basically "anything that caught my eye"  marking the first time I shot trucks and motorcycles!! So what did I shoot the second day? GIRLS!!! And plenty of 'em! Ahhhh Viva Las Vegas. It actually became a quest for me to talk to and shoot every single beautiful model in this place and bless my soul I don't think I missed too many! I told myself I'd never mix girlies and cars on my site but this was just too good to pass up! I'd also like to thank Jay Bittle, Mark Matthews and the rest of the gang at JBA for having, and putting up with me!! Here ya go....enjoy!!

Click on the pic you would like to see!

Let's go for a ride!!!