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Inland Mopar 2005


Well I missed the last couple of years of this show. It really is one of the best Mopar shows around the southland. Not just the cars, the people RULE!!! The only problem is I end up bullshitting instead of working! But I got enough today, I think. After all, it's not about the quantity it's the quality to me. Today was quality. Also, I know I'm suppose to be shooting for modernmuscle.net but when I look over at the "riced out" SRT/4' s and P/T Cruisers I just can't bring myself to consider that modern muscle even though I KNOW some of the SRT/4's could probably whoop up on my Bullitt ass! Let me know what you think. Enough said. ENJOY!! 


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1969 Superbee 1969 Charger 1968 Charger 1971 R/T Charger 1971 Demon 1994 Viper R/T 10
1971 Roadrunner 1969 Dart Swinger 1969 Superbee 1965 Barracuda 1969 Superbee 1973 Duster