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Woodley Park GM


I didn't really know what to expect as I was driving down the freeway towards the show at an early 8:00am. as every year it's been a bit different. I can tell you the LAST thing I expected was that it would be overcast in the Valley in July and that I would get my Bullitt ass kicked by a big 'ole Chevy Silverado SS! But that's exactly what I got! Well luckily the overcast skies cleared up much faster than the bruise on my fragile ego. But what a show!!!! It was a LOT bigger than the time before and this time there was tons of cars for Modern Muscle....SCORE!!! So I shot, shot, shot!! Some really cool cars here today but I'll have to admit the owners were great!! It's like a big automotive party at these shows! I ran into some good friends and made a ton of new ones INCLUDING Shock Mike who owned the 2003 Silverado SS who whooped my butt! Turns out I was playing with the wrong guy that morning as he was sporting a Vortec Supercharger cranking out 575 - 600hp and 700lbs of torque! I thought I accidentally shifted my poor Bullitt into reverse when Mike decided he was tired of playing around with my goofy ass! That's OK, it couldn't have been by a nicer guy! That's racing, you win a few you loose a few. ROCK ON MY GM BRUTHA'S!!!

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