"The Evil Twin!"

1970 Challenger / 528 Hemi

WOW!!! It's Purple!!! The body shop did a great job and the boys have the car back for their part of the work!! If I know Mike & Joel (and I'm happy to say I do!) they will be non-stop so stay tuned as we will probably be traveling to San Diego every weekend until she's finished! And that's fine with me as we'll get to hang with two of the funniest guys you could meet! Today in point, we ended up spending the whole day and helping a little but mostly marveling at the attention to detail Mike & Joel have as they reassemble the Evil Twin! Where else can you witness a complete restoration with interviews on the web? Nowhere my friends except here at musclecarcalendar.com!! Enjoy!!!!!

  Underneath the beast!   Tailights (Thats all you'll see if you're racing her!)   Trans Tunnel (innards)   Engine Compartment    (with K frame)   Engine Compartment (without K frame)