"The Evil Twin!"

1970 Challenger / 528 Indy Hemi

We are so exited to bring you the following feature! Thanks to Mike & Joel you are going to get to see first hand what it takes to restore a show winning modified muscle car from beginning to end. And why do I say "show winning" before the first nut and bolt is put together? Because the Mike & Joel combination has already produced a  heart stopping, ground shaking muscle car that wins EVERYTHING it enters!!

      Hear Joel's voice as he describes the resto in his own words!!!!

Click on the pix to see!!


5/27/02 7/06/02  8/8/02
  2/15/03 2/21/03 & 3/1/03 3/8/03
3/15/03 4/1/03 4/1203 At Spring Fling!
  9/17/03 Calendar Feature