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"Band of Brothers"

Well you've seen some of the characters I've met in this bizz and the crazy things they're capable of. And I'm sure you've all heard the rumors about crazy ass musicians as I was one myself for over 20 years. So what do you get when you mix them both together? Answer, Chris & Dennis!! OK, being one or the other is dangerous enough, but being BOTH? Well lets just say it probably equivalent to carrying a 5 gallon tank of nitro glycerin in the back of a Baja Truck at 90 mph over rough terrain! I'll have to admit I started it when we all met at Chris's house and agreed to drive separately out to the park where I power drifted my Bullitt across a 4 lane surface street, but somehow I had the feeling it was bound to happen SOMEHOW! I just happened to draw first blood! But we're not here to talk about me. We're here to talk about my good friends! Being in bands and entertaining is just part of the picture with these two. Between Chris, Dennis, Judy (Dennis's g-friend) and me there was no room for weak wit in THIS room! You snooze you loose here my friend! They brought humor and brotherhood to a new level as their friendship was infectious as I feel like I've known these three all my life as we all had so much in common. Oh yeah, and the cars! Jesus, I think I'll just clam up and let the pictures speak for themselves as you're not going to find two better Mopar specimens out there! I wish I was a good enough writer to express how wonderful it was in this park this day but I would have to write like 40 paragraphs to explain the fun that we had today and quite frankly I want to get to the features. So do your best to look at the pictures and listen to the interviews to try to get the flavor of these two as I can't say enough about them! And thanks to Judy you're all going to get a couple of "bonus" pictures of me hard at work! Enjoy, I sure as hell did!!

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1971 'Cuda / 440 Magnum                                           1970 Charger S/E / 383 Magnum