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1970 R/T Charger / 440 Magnum Six Pack

"Oh, by the way!"

I had met George at a GM car show where I saw his AWESOME Buick GSX which was a car I had been looking for from the first day we had started building this site! So you can imagine how happy I was when George said he'd be interested in having his Buick in our calendar. So George gave me his number and said to call him to set up a time which I did a couple of weeks later. When I got George on the phone he mentioned he had a few other muscle cars and asked if I'd be interested in shooting them. I said sure but I mainly wanted to concentrate on the Buick for the calendar but I'd look at whatever else had. I arrived at Georges house where the Buick was sitting outside......oh yeah....SCORE! But then after talking for a while he takes me out to his back garage and uncovers this black beauty! JESUS!!!! HOLY SHIT! This car R.O.C.K.S.!!!! Can I shoot this car too? "No problem" he says! The great automobile Gods are smiling aponst me today Mopar brutha's & sista's!! Because as clean she looks in the pictures she's MUCH better in person! AND she has a cool story!! Seems George bought this car from the original over 80 year old World War II veteran man who bought her as a retirement gift to himself in 1970. In fact I saw pictures of the little old gentleman waving goodbye and shedding a tear for an old friend as the car was being driven off to be COMPLETELY restored from frame up as he managed to put well over 120,000 miles on her and never did a thing to her except drive her! To see the old pictures of her and to see her now I really felt the love and determination George has for this car when he bought her to make her into something the little old man would be very proud of! Nice job AND nice story George. You just like the car and the story are really something special! Rock on George, you're the best!

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