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"The Perfect Life"

OK, before I go off and tell you how every man on the planet would like to have the life my friend George has, let me tell you that I've been around the sun a few times to know NOBODY'S life is perfect. We all have our trials and tribulations and I know Georges life is no different! But it's how we deal with the problems and the outlook we have that keeps us in the right frame of mind to keep up our daily struggles that make us who and what we are.

 When I arrived at Georges house he graciously invited me in to his beautiful home and we didn't talk about cars, we didn't talk about crazy things we'd done or even cool shows we've been to. George and I stood in his kitchen and talked about life. And I must admit that there COULD be reason to pass judgment on someone who has the things George has in his life. I mean, come one! A BEAUTIFUL wife who goes with him to car shows and encourages him to have the cars he has. Two GORGEOUS kids where you'll see George Jr. in a picture here. A BEAUTIFUL home with a regular 2 car garage for the daily drivers (and what a daily driver he has!!) a four car garage alongside the house with two lifts and a separate garage where he keeps his other car which I didn't get to see. And let's talk about the cars!! Ahem, a 1970 Charger R/T 440 Sis Pack, a 1970 Buick GSX, a 1971 Corvette Stingray 427 with 3X2 barrels, a 1966 Caprice with a solid lifter 427 4 speed and a 2001 Dale Barnhart "Intimidator" Camaro SS ALL of them trophy winning cars! So you can see what I mean! HOWEVER, after talking with him for almost an hour straight without even going to the garages it was very easy to not only like George but to come away with a deep seated respect for this man as even though his life if far from perfect his work ethics with his own business, his strong love for his family and his outlook and approach to life left me with a new hope for mankind!!! To say I was impressed is a huge understatement! Well let me give you an example! While we were shooting his AWESOME Buick GSX at the park all of a sudden the sprinklers came on. And I don't mean those piddle little lawn sprinklers!! I'm talking knock you down, fire hose, cover a 500 square foot park sprinkler right inside of the open window of his car!! I yelled at George who was playing with his son off to the side at another part of the park and by the time he got there and moved the car it was SOAKED inside and out!! Now this was the first one of 3 of his cars I shot that day and I was figuring "well, that's the end of MY day here" as most guys would have been PISSED to say the least and probably tell me "SHOOTS OVER....GO HOME!!" Not George. He LAUGHED about it, took out a towel from the trunk and dried off his car while discussing possible other places we could go to shoot it some more!! I was there for about 5 hours in the 110 degree heat where George graciously took the time to take out three of his cars at two different locations each time putting the baby seat in and taking it out for the shoots so his son could come along. Both of us with sweat RUNNING off of us and I had the time of my life as George never once complained or hesitated to do whatever I asked to make sure I did a good job of shooting his honey's! Yes I have met some wonderful people in this "bizz" but I can honestly say if I could take the place of anyone I've met so far, I'd say "move over George I'll take the wheel for a while my friend!!" Thank you so much George, let me know when I can shoot the other cars!!!

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1970 Buick GSX 1970 R/T Charger 2001 Dale Earnhardt "Intimidator" SS Camaro

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