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1964 GTO /  389 Tri-Power 4 speed

 "History in Motion"

You know the old saying, “there’s none like the first”? This could apply to many things in our lives. Things like that first bicycle, the first legal entry into a bar, that first kiss, the first Snap-On socket set your uncle got you for Christmas, that very first mortgage payment. The lists of firsts go on and on. Well faithful ones, feast your monitors on the beauty we have before you now, owned by a FIRST rate guy, and a car that is truly a FIRST in the muscle car world. Even the story of it’s creation smacks of attitude! Pontiac found a way to sneak around the oppressive mandate from high in the GM command banning racing, performance, and anything else to do with speed. (See, not all things were better back then). They offered the 389 in a Tempest, called it an option, and announced it as a GTO. Well folks, the rest is history. Pontiac predicted sales of 10,000 but rolled out 32,450 to the anxiously awaiting speed freaks.

            All this was rolling around in my head when Mike turned onto a loooong straight road and let her have it. Ahhh music, sweet music trumpeted by three little brothers named Rochester. It just seems right to know that this baby ain’t just idling around a Big Boy parking lot every other Thursday night. No-sir-ee. Carbon doesn’t get a chance to settle down in here. Pinned to the back of the seat, I pictured this kind of thing going on in 1964 just blocks from your local Pontiac dealership nationwide! 

Mike plans on stripping this baby down but good this winter and doing her up proper. From ground up she’ll look better than ever thanks to his handy work as a restorer. What started as a side job to his paint supply business is now a big part of Mike’s time. Luckily he still has time for family, and what a family it is!  Most of us can only pray for a lady that will tolerate our expenditures on our four-wheeled friends. Mike was lucky enough to find Karen, who not only tolerates, but encourages and even shares in his love for classics. At-a-boy Mike! Yer a lucky man! Eventually, when there are no more restorations left in California, Mike and Karen will board their RV with their matching El Camino trailering behind, point it towards the sunset and live happily ever after.  Sounds great to me. Just remember Mike, if you need someone to follow you with the Goat so you have it near; you know where to find me…

*Written and shot by James Pulli


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