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Feature Cars

1969 Mach 1 / 347 stroker motor 4 speed

"Chip off thee 'ole engine block!"

Well it was no surprise when good friend & fellow deviant Jay called me and said "hey Greg, my son Austin just finished up his 1969 SCJ Mach 1 and he'd like to have it on your site" that I knew if it was from the Bittle family line it's GOTTA be good!! Couldn't have been more right. Seems Jay passed down the restoration talent and Austin picked it up quite nicely! But hey, lets NOT take away from the fact that this was Austin's first resto which he started at the old ripe age of 13 and is now 18 as seen in the pictures! Austin knows every nut and bolt in this pumping pony, TRUST me! And aside from his age this car was done RIGHT from start to finish. Stripped to the frame and built right all the way to the custom roll cage! Originally a SCJ car the father son team whipped up a potent ass 347 stroker motor with 3:89 gears a X303 cam, TFS high port aluminum heads, JBA headers, Holley 735 4 bbl carb with a T-56 6 speed. This car was just dyno'd at 364 rwhp and 375 ftlbs of torque, more than enough to whoop up on anyone who might being feeling a bit cocky....EXCEPT dad!!  I was just told the car made it to Texas no problems to where Austin will become a Texas Aggie! Let me just say I'm proud as hell to have Austin and his car car on our site, nice job bro!!

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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