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Feature Cars

1969 Boss 302 / 351 Cleveland 4 speed

"The Black Sheep of the family"

Kind of hard to imagine a pristine 1969 Boss 302 a black sheep in ANY type of situation.....except this one! Seems this is a Mopar family HOWEVER John knows what he likes and this is one car that EVERYONE likes! I mean, 'cmon' a rare 1969 Boss 302? That's got to be on just everybody's wish list. And if it's not maybe a Honda Prelude is in your near future! And remember the original numbers matching engine is sitting up in the shelves under a protective covering. What could be better than a street proven pavement pounder putting out over 400 hp? Um, in my book only some of the other cars John & Vince have built but that's not the point here! We're talking about the BOSS here! They don't call he the Boss for nothing! I was having a tough time deciding what car would be the most fun here today and after looking at dreamy Mopars all day I kept looking back at the photos of this Boss when I was building their feature and thinking to myself "DAMN, that would be a hot car to have!" John wanted to keep an original look to the car so he put in a big valve covered engine to look like the original 302, nice touch! Either way you look at it in a sea of Pentstars this Boss was a cool change! Thanks John!

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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