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Feature Cars

1969 Dart Swinger / 340

"And you're not even old enough to drive it?"

What's that? You're only 15 1/2? And this is your second restoration project, this one completely by yourself? OK folks we could look at this a couple different ways here. We could say what the hell does a 15 1/2 year old kid know about restoring a muscle car? OR we could look at this Dart and say DAMN...this kid knows what the hell he's doing! Answer? One hot muscle car done very well by a kid who's "got it!" This car wasn't just slapped together so he could be the most popular kid in school, oh no. This car was restored with vision, insight and a vast knowledge of all the technology available to make this a kick ass job! Realizing this will be the car he drives to school everyday let's put dual piston caliper brakes and a very bullet proof drivetrain because, well this IS Vince's first car. Also lets leave the ORIGINAL paint job on the car just in case of a parking lot "mishap". Can you believe this is original paint? But don't let the exterior fool you. (not that it would) You can look under the car and see the fine detail work Vince put in JUST in case you thought he might not know what he's doing! Everything was done with a purpose is what I'm trying to say all the way down to the red wall tires and dog dish hub caps. This car was built by a thinking man.....VINCE!! Hat's off to you my little Mopar brutha, you've certainly won my respect!

ps, personally I feel since you're not old enough to drive it yet you should let someone else have it until you're of age......ME!!!

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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