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Feature Cars

1971 Hemi 'Cuda clone / 472 Hemi Pistol Grip 4 speed

"Daddy's Car!"

Well you've seen an array of muscle cars here today but this one is reserved for John! Not that he don't let Vince or Michelle drive it if they like however just like the comfortable recliner in the living room that you can sit in it when daddy's not around, it's understood it's his! Starting life out as a 340 'Cuda John figured it would never be worth more than if it had a huge Hemi stuffed into it so we might as well have some fun with this animal! And fun they have! Putting out some 500 horsepower and a plethora of aftermarket performance parts this car is NOT  a grocery getter or a show & tell car at school. This car is built for some serious fun in the right hands. And of course John after professionally driving F1 series cars what better hands could a car of this caliber be in? NONE as far as I'm concerned. You can kind of get a feel of how the owner handles a car at a shoot of how he drives the car and after doing a big 'ole smoker (which I missed) moving the car I have no doubt John drives her like she's suppose to be driven...HARD!! I would expect none the less John! Once again flawless job, flawless car. Rock on my Mopar brutha!!

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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