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Feature Cars

1973 'Cuda / 440 Six Pack

"The Beast"

Well every once in a while a car gets named for whatever reason. Maybe the it was a name a friend gave it or a particular event or maybe by someone the car reminded you of. Well here's a name given after they finished the car and took it for a "test drive"! This car was built by the father son combination and built for one reason only....to whoop ass! Basically this car was built to be Mad Max with manners but somehow the manners got lost along the way! The 440 Six Pack was made to put out over 440 horsepower but don't let the stock appearance fool you she's a wolf in wolf's clothing! They decide to make her handle so the put in a rear end from an old "B" body which was done on almost all their cars because the rear end is narrower so the can stuff oversized tires under them. They just make adapter links to fit in under the "E" body. The Beast also comes with Koni adjustable shocks, oversize swaybars (because Johns built and drove race cars all his career and he knows how to do it!) trans and oil coolers a Le Mans bar, frame connectors a custom made 5 core radiator and a hand built spoiler. To top it off they put 2:73 gears in her to get their need for speed! Anyway you look at it this is one car that lives up to it's name. You'll have to listen to Vince's interview to hear all the rest of it. You've just GOT to love a car named "The Beast", I know I do!

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