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1963 1/2 Mercury Marauder S-55 Fastback / 390

"The 2nd time is the charm."

 I'm working the Fabulous Fords Show when on the 2nd pass through the pack -o- Fords when I see Toms car. First thing I think "OH WOW, I LOVE the fastback Galaxies. But second glance told me there was something different about this car. Something stylistically, then I realized it was a Mercury! I've NEVER seen a fastback Mercury, especially a Marauder. Who knew?

 I wanted to talk to the owner so I visited the car on several occasions with no luck. The owner just wasn't around so I said screw it, I'm going to put a business card in his steering wheel and if he calls me great. If not I'll wait until next year!

 So weeks go by and I had forgotten about the card when I get a call from a guy saying I put a card in his car and his son had just found it. I'm trying to remember who this guy is when he tells me he owns a 1963 1/2 fastback Marauder and I was like a kid who just got out of school early! YEAH, SCORE!

 So we talked and agreed to shoot the car. We set the date and the day of I drove down there only to hang around for a couple of hours waiting for the sun to come out which it never did. I could tell Tom was a bit disappointed But I wasn't! In fact it was kind of cool because I got to get into Toms world for a while. Look at some photo albums at some of the cool cars he restored and some of the great nostalgia hanging in his garage. Toms a very cool guy with a lot of cool stories.

 So we rescheduled for today and I'll admit I was a bit nervous as I was driving down there it was overcast a bit when I arrived but it didn't take long and it burned off for some great shots, in a great setting with a great car! What more could you ask for? So it might have taken two trips but heh, it all worked out so I'm thrilled and I hope Tom is also. Thanks Tom!

 Tom also runs a full size Ford registry check him out at http://66ford.fordregistries.com and he's a member of So-Cal Galxies at toms66gal@cs.com  Stop by and tell him you heard of him from your pals at MCC. He's a great guy and he'd love to hear from you.

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!


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