Feature Cars

1960 Plymouth Fury /  440 Sonoramic Commando

"The Snake Charmer"

Oh boy, where do you start with this one!?! Well let me begin by saying as unique and extraordinary as this car is it's NOTHING compared to the owner....Bruce!! After meeting Bruce for the first time I knew we had a live one here but when he came back out of his home to drive to the shoot in the park with a Columbian Red Tail Boa Constrictor around his neck that erased any doubt I might have originally had! He told the story that when he first bought this car is was an absolute rolling wreck, so much in fact one year when he showed up to a car show with it they made a special plaque especially for Bruce and his Fury. They called it the "Dead Last Award!" Well as you can see Bruce has the last laugh! And speaking of laughing, that's all I did the whole shoot especially when Bruce adorned  World War II fighter pilot headgear and goggles with Boris (his Boa) wrapped around his neck for his Feature Picture!!! Sylvester Stalone's son said money was no object he must have this car. But Bruce said "if I didn't have this car what would I freak people out with?" Hmmm, I could think of a couple of things, starting with Boris!!! Thank you Bruce, you're one in a million...just like your Fury.

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