Feature Cars

1968 Torino GT / 390

"Love at first sight"

To understand the title of this feature you'll have to listen to Joe's interview, it's a really cool story!! To look at Joe he seems like your average hard working middle class man. Don't let looks fool you my friends!! What we have here is a wolf in sheep's clothing!! Joe!?! No, can't be!! Well let me see, where shall I start? Joe starts off getting his first drivers license in Colorado, lost that one. Moves to New Mexico and gets another license, looses that one. Moves to Salt Lake City gets another license, looses that one. Do you see a pattern here folks? Finally Joe moves to Los Angeles in the late 60's gets a good job and settles down....well kind of!! He now realizes how to have fun within the lines but that didn't stop Joe from taking me for a ride in his supercharged 1957 Chevy where we fried the tires in third gear with little to no effort! Joe drives his Torino home to Colorado every year for his reunion, next year he wants to take the Chevy when it's finished and I say good for you Joe, but bad for the police who'll be working overtime to keep an eye on you!! Thanks for the tour Joe, see you when the Chevy is done.

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