Feature Cars

1970 Roadrunner / 426 Hemi Pistol Grip 4 speed

"The Time Machine"

Well when I met up with Damon one thing was very clear. This car was JUST like the day it rolled off the assembly line, all the way down to the original resinators! Damon's Roadrunner was probably more original than the day it rolled off the showroom floor! Riding in Damon's car was just like cruisin' in the '70's!! This car did not miss a beat ALL day! We drove over 30 miles starting and stopping at all the different locations and not ONCE did it falter. Every time he hit the key vrroooomm fired right up, idled smooth and never once got hot in the Bakersfield heat! It ran better than my 2001 Bullitt for Christ's sake!! If you want to know what it was like to drive a Hemi Roadrunner brand new....call Damon!! Not to mention this car was one of 59 produced in 1970 with the Hemi / 4 speed combination so not only is it a cool car but it's a rare bird as well!! Damon was a very gracious host as well as a cool guy.  I'd like to personally thank Damon, his beautiful wife Virginia and their brave daughter Krystal as the Bullitt had some problems and without hesitation they helped me AND bought lunch!! Surprise, surprise, another cool muscle car owner!! Thanks again Damon!!

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