Feature Cars

1970 Olds 442 / 455 4 speed

"Rocket Man"

From the first time I met Evan at the Van Nuys GM show we were best friends. There's not anyone who understands my need for speed any more than Evan. He raced 1000 cc Sportbikes at Willow before it was cool to race 1000 Sportbikes at Willow, he's owned some of the most powerful muscle cars built AND he pilots private jets for a living. I hate to admit it but Evan actually out qualifies me at speed, damn, that was tough., but it couldn't go to a nicer guy. This day will definitely go down in musclecarcalendar history as you will see there was no shortage of  deviancy here. Evan being the true perfectionist gave us an array of Firestone flare-ups! Evan's much more than a cool acquaintance he's a special person in my life and I'm proud to be his friend as all day we played like we were in High School again! Thanks Evan it's nice to know there are people out there who have the same screws loose and the same warped sense of humor as me!


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C'mon along with the REAL brat pack!

Burnout Ride