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1970 Challenger / 528 Aluminum Indy Hemi Richmond 6 speed

Now why would we drive 145 miles ONE way for at one point every weekend for a month? Well two reasons (1) obviously to cover the COMPLETE restoration of probably the hottest custom built muscle car in the world from start to finish but mostly (2) to hang 5 or 6 hours with Mike & Joel! Stuffy deadline tension? Not here. Uptight nerved out egomaniacs? Not even. What you have here is two lifelong best friends who get off on building the most awesome street machines on the planet and a well planned opportunity created to eat, sleep and breathe this restoration for at the end 10-12 hours a day, every day for one month straight. Imagine an opportunity like that? We did. Just let me say hanging with Mike & Joel (& Hemi  Jack at times) was by far the best part of this adventure. Being burned at the stake would be fun with these two! To pull into the driveway and see Joel's feet sticking out the interior wiring the bulkhead and Mike's out from the bottom of the car routing fuel & brake lines was PRICELESS! And the fun, light hearted comedy rolling around the garage was intoxicating. We found it hard in a 6 hour time frame to narrow down time for pictures and interviews! And to witness the attention to detail, Jesus, nothing was missed. Our pictures cant do this car proper justice, as you'd have to see it for yourself to get the FULL effect but since you  cant we tried to do the best we could to present to you courtesy of  musclecarcalendar.......

The "Evil Twin"

To see the COMPLETE restoration of this car click HERE

Higher quality shot's available in Picture Perfect