Feature Cars

1968 RS / SS Camaro / 396

1963 Dodge 440 / 429 Max Wedge 4 speed

"Two of a pair"

Two of a pair? But ones a Chevy and ones a Dodge. What gives? Weeelllll I'm not talking about the cars, I'm talking about the OWNERS! When I called Gary to firm up the time for his shoot he asked if it were OK if he brought his friend who had a cool Dodge. A cool Dodge? OK!  I decided to put both of their feature's together because it just didn't seem right separating these two as I had so much fun with these guys and they're really good friends. Good thing too because anyone else would have been ready to throw down from the dig's these boys were tossing around! There's nothing's funnier than two guys bagging on each other's respective car companies! I can't say enough about Gary and Ron as they were two of the coolest people I've met yet, not to mention two of the hottest cars! Thank you Gary & Ron

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To see Gary in action click HERE! To see Ron in action click HERE!

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1968 RS SS Camaro / 396             1963 Dodge 440 / 426 Max Wedge II 4 speed