Feature Cars

1972 AMC Javelin SST / 406 cu. 745hp

"The Real Deal"

Lon doesn't race for a big company like Petty Enterprises or John Force building him custom cars. Lon doesn't have big sponsorship deals paying his salary nor does he race in front of  major sold out venues for large cash prizes week after week. Lon builds, fixes, pays for and  races his own car at least twice a month without any promise of earning a thin dime. So why after working an 8 hour day does Lon  run home to hook the trailer with the first car he ever owned to his truck and get down to the local race track? Easy, the same damn reason we started musclecarcalendar.com, for the pure love of muscle, speed, horsepower, hot cars and downright pure unadulterated deviancy! That's right kids make no mistake here, just because Lon races on a track doesn't mean he's a stranger to terrorizing the very same city streets in which we all call home!! I'm betting you will find Lon's story just as interesting as I have and by the end of it probably see a lot of the same things that make us the rebel rousing, middle finger flying, don't tell me I can't do that people we are!!

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Hear Lon tell the history of this awesome racing Javelin!!

Lon gets his first car! Slightly modified!! Wreck Today

Click on the pic's for a little exitement Lon style!

Burnout Ride along Full 1/4 mile run!