Feature Cars

1972 SS El Camino / 454 Cowl Induction 4 speed

"Never say never"

One day a friend of mine came into the office where he saw my calendar and said "wow it's really cool but you need an El Camino" What? I would never put an El Camino on my calendar. "Why not?" he asks. Because it's not a muscle car. Well you know what? After seeing his friend Marc's El Camino I'm afraid  I was proven wrong! You've got a car (or truck?) that weighs 3210 pounds and has a 454 with Cowl Induction and a 4 speed, guess what....that's a muscle car my friends!! Whether you agree or not one thing you can't argue with is how beautiful Marc's El Camino is, not to mention the fact GM really put some high performance parts on them. We try to pick some of the coolest rarest muscle cars so this year you are going to see an El Camino on our 2004 calendar and I think that's just fine with me!! Thanks Marc & Stu!

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