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1961 Starliner / 427 +

Mr. Cammer part II

Rest in peace Mike, you WILL be missed.


Ever since I shot his cammer Galaxie last year I've wanted to get back to Mike's place as it is to a gear head what Disneyland is to a kid! And that's how I feel when I'm there...like a kid at Disneyland as I run unrestrained from garage to engine shop, to trophy room etc, etc! Let me just say to anyone out there right now if you have any interest at all in racing, Ford, FE big blocks, cammer engines or ANYTHING to do with aforementioned items I have one word for you....MIKE!! Do you want parts for a cammer motor? Mike now makes parts for cammer motors and other FE blocks. What can I tell you? If you haven't got it yet that Mike IS the man for your FE needs I give up! And he doesn't just sell the parts, look at the car I'm featuring on this page. What do you see? A race car. How did it become a race car? I'll give you a little clue, this car did NOT come from a cereal box my friends! This car is part of a long and successful history of racing . And why is it successful? Because Mike built it! Mike has built motors for some of the coolest muscle cars from California to New York to Canada! I feel so privileged to be able to feature not only two of the most unique old Fords but also to feature Mike the engine builder and good friend. Thanks for everything Mike!

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