1964 Thunderbolt / 427 Ram Air 4 speed

"The Big Boy"

The big boy? What the hell does that mean? Does it mean that the Thunderbolt is the pinnacle of Ford Racing? Does it mean Rick is the boy with the big toy's? YES!!! This Thunderbolt is just the top of the automotive cake Rick has built. Don Nichol's actual "Cammer" Maverick he 1/4 raced, big block Cougars & Fairlanes he bought brand new, you name it Rick has or had it! And tell me, what's better than shooting probably the finest Thunderbolt in the world? Riding in it! And Rick did NOT spare the horsepower! I think it's the ONLY time I ever grabbed the side of the seat as he launched this Blue Oval Behemoth! Acceleration? Damn right! Rick? Well let's just say it's not all for looks with this guy, he bought this piece of automotive history to drive it! After all, what good is having one of the most powerful purposeful factory built 1/4 mile race cars if you don't drive it? None to me and obviously none to Rick either! Rick, I can't thank you enough for the history lesson, I assure you I WON'T forget this anytime soon!

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