Feature Cars

1970 SS Chevelle / 396 Cowl Induction

"True love"

  One clear way to tell how much a man loves his car is by how clean he keeps her. This being said I would like to introduce you to Steve and his 1970 SS Chevelle! A photo shoot that normally takes an hour or so took me over 2 hours as there were so many times where I would put the camera down and just stare. This car is just breathtakingly clean. This car is just breathtakingly clean, oops did I say that again? As you know I run across the best muscle cars in the world out here in Southern California but let me just say right here and now there's none nicer or more spectacular than Steve's SS! Look at this car! I even had trouble deciding which pictures to put up on Steve's feature so you're going to get a whole bunch of them! But also more to Steve's credit he found a BEAUTIFUL backdrop at his friend Joe's house. Joe let us have full reign of his beautiful lawn and house which I got to tour after the shoot, one word....WOW! If indeed you measure love by cleanliness and detail I have never seen more love for one automobile than what Steve has for his awesome Chevelle!

Note from the president of MCC: Not only do I have the extreme pleasure of getting to shoot the hottest muscle cars anywhere but also to meet some of the best people in the world not excluding Steve. I've been doing this bizz for a little over a year and have never received any kinder treatment than from Steve. It appears Steve's heart is a big as his Chevelle and I'm very glad to know him. Thank you Steve.


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