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Written 9/15/03 by Greg Capes

Hi everybody! Welcome to all you new subscribers!! For all of those who are STILL with us....don't you EVER learn!?! he he Well I have to tell you I got a new (used) car (as I've probably told you a million times!) and I took a 5,644 mile 16 state trip in my new Bullitt! Why are you telling us this Greg, we only subscribed to see cars not listen to your mindless dribble? Well, what I'm trying to say is there's not as much new stuff as usual but not to worry my musclehead friends I still managed to put some new stuff up for you so let's get to it shall we?

What's new in Feature Cars!!


 IS THAT A REAL ONE? Damn straight my blue oval brutha's & sisters. Ricks Thunderbolt IS real...and real nice and fast! Wait until you hear THIS little honey! Mopar and Bowtie Boyz: go ahead, check it out...I won't tell!

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Check out Jack's article on this historic car!




Marc's El Camino brings up the age old question. Is an El Camino (or Ranchero) a muscle car? I used to say no until I saw Marc's car! Whether you agree or not it is a DAMN nice car!! Enjoy.

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OOPS!!! Last newsletter  I forgot to include Richard's BEAUTIFUL Trans Am! This is one clean Poncho my friends! I know you'll like this one!

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We know Jack!

 I KNOW you'll like Jack's colorful writing and extensive knowledge on your favorite and rarest muscle cars! Click on the address below to start REALLY learning about America's hottest musclecars!


Coming attractions:

Feature cars: Well, we're continuing the frantic pace for our 2004 calendar cars......damn, there are a lot of  months. Oh well at least it's a lot of fun shooting them!!

Damon's 1970 Hemi Roadrunner

Mike's 1961 Starliner

Rob's 1971 Superbee

Car Shows:

California Classics Auto Fest

Make a Wish Foundation

Not only was it a good car show they had a BURNOUT CONTEST!!

Wait til you see this!!

Final words: I am just OVERWHELMED by all the new sign-ups! We really work hard here to make this the best musclecar site on the internet. If any of you have ideas on things you'd like to see or add please feel free to email me with them! Or if you'd like to email me to just say "hey" please do so.



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