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1969 Holden GTS 350 Monaro /  Supercharged Chevy 350 4 speed

Here are some pic's of my car that I have owned for ten years. It's a 1969 Holden GTS 350 Monaro. It's got a Chevy 350 with a B&M 162 Supercharger with a custom made manifold with twin Impco 425 gas carbies [LPG]. Its got a 4spd toploader box, a 9'' lsd diff and 4wheel disc brakes. It has been set up to run on straight lpg.[propane].It is cheap to run and goes like hell! I have had the blower on it for 5yrs now and it hasn't missed a beat since. I hope ya's like it! Cheers from BEAR! central coast.N.S.W .Australia!

Greg: HELL YES we like it!! In fact we like it so much we're putting up Bears wife's car! This is some cool stuff!! Thanks a lot for sharing Bear!

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1971 Holden GTR Torano / 202 5 speed

Hi Greg, here's the pic's of the wife's Torana. It's a 1971 Holden GTR Torana, its got a 202cu in. inline six with triple side draught Stromberg carbies and a 5spd gearbox. Quite a little weapon don't ya think? Holden's are made by General Motors in Australia. Your new Pontiac GTO is the new Monaro out here but ours have a better looking front end on them.  I hope ya can use it too. Cheers mate! Bear!

Greg: You all know I don't put up 6 cylinders unless they are very special cars but I had no problem putting up this little Holden as to me it's a very unique car with serious I think it's a damn cool car from our brothers down under!

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