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1969 Daytona clone / 440 Magnum

by Dane Gjesdal

After doing a "Stock Daytona Clone" (Red), I wanted to have a little creative fun. I thought through a color scheme and came up with a "Daytona Yellow" (close to Viper yellow) exterior with white wing, light "Doe Skin" interior and big rims. I chose bright yellow, because it is a color that is doing well at shows, and not too many Daytona's are this color - cloned or original. I thought about yellow on black, but I'm tired of the boring black interior, been there done that. After seeing the Xtreme Lee's interior (General Lee) on TV, my inspiration to have an open and bright interior was confirmed (thanks Kenny Wayne Shepherd). I wanted an interior that feels clean and open, and the light " Doe Skin" color fit the bill.
I wanted a custom Daytona, yet I didn't want to go crazy and regret it later. I chose to go, as I call it, the "tasteful custom" route . The mods are subtle because the car itself is radical enough. I went with the big rims, Boyd Coddington (through American Tire) 18x10 on the back and 17x8 on the front. I got the tallest tire I could get, since I don't like the look of the band aid tires that I've seen on big rims.

This Daytona has the all important rear window plug. This distinguishes good cloning from the more common bolt-on wing and nose cone replicas. Don't get me wrong, they're still cool, but the rear plug makes the Daytona a true "Aero" car. The rear plug is no small feat. Welding in the plug and shortening the trunk is a modification few attempt and few do well.
The engine is a mildly built 440. It breaths in with an Edelbrock carburetor and exhales through stock HP manifolds and 3" TTI exhaust system.
Through this next year I will be doing little mods to the interior and will be disclosing those as I go. Let me put it this way, it will be a musician friendly car.
I am going to enjoy driving both my red and yellow Daytona's to the car shows this summer. Seeing two of these flying down the road is going to be fun. How can I bring both cars to the shows? Thanks to my Dad and my youth pastor we will make it happen.

Greg: Dane's at it again! This one really took my breath away that's why I gave him a spread like no other car I've ever done! The only problem is Dane is keeping his artwork to himself!! Dane, you HAVE to build me one of these monsters!!! Here's his other one we have on our site side by side with his new one.


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