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1970 Boss / 5.0 4 speed

written by Josh

When I saw it on the net for $7,500 I went the next weekend to check it out and saw it needed major TLC. She was sitting in a dungeon in San Francisco for 7 year's untouched. The car was stuck in a hole in the back of the house with the brakes locked up. I almost didn't get the car but I pulled the tires off and knocked them loose and about a week later I got the car started for the first time in about 10 years. Now it has a rebuilt 1994 Cobra 5.0 in it that I personally rebuilt. I'm only 18 yrs old, but the story is, I found the first car I wanted, got it, love it, keeping it, and it looks dead sexy wet!  My next project is a 1967 GT fastback conversion to GT500 with Eleanor body kit and 427 motor. It's just in plans right now but I will do it, 2 fastback's will be tons of fun to have and to work on!

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