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1976 Dodge Charger R/T  / 318 4 speed automatic

This is my 1976 Dodge Charger R/T. This car was built in Brazil by Chrysler until 1980. I've always been a great Dodge fan and I've been looking for a car like this for 2 years. I bought her in 1998. The last owner was driving nice and slow by a famous street in São Paulo when suddenly one of my friends just cruised in front of the Charger with his Dodge Ram and said " My friend will buy your car, give me your number" and then two weeks later the car was mine. She's a original V8 318 Dodge engine, four-speed automatic transmission, 215 hp and loud pipes ( "Loud pipes saves life" ). The body is like brand new, black interior but he doesn't have the black vinyl top ( the original does ). The first wheel was a "black star" and later I made the original Mopar "Rally" wheel.


Greg's 2 cents: I think it's AWESOME Fernando is sharing his car with us because how else would we know what a Brazilian Charger R/T would look like!?! VERY cool!

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