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1963 1/2 Galaxie/ 406 Tri Power 4 speed

This is my 1963 1/2 406 Tripower 4 spd. 4:11 posi Ford Galaxie. I had been looking for a Big Block for over 8 months and after looking at one particular magazine 3 times I sat down again, wondering why. But I looked again and low and behold, right in the middle of 2 big JUNK ads from discount dealers was a very small ad for the 406, even the guy I bought it from wondered why not many called. I just bought it on the spot sight unseen and traveled 3 states over. When the weather cleared I trailored it home. I took a big chance in sending money in the mail but I just knew that it was the one. I thank God for it turning out to be such a blessing and bringing so many people together. Here in Groundhog Country many race and show minded people get to see the 406 and seem to really enjoy it.  I hope you all do too... Thanks.. Ronnie


Prez says: I'm sorry it took so long Ronnie, the 63 1/2 is my favorite body for the Galaxies! I did the best I could.

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