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1972 Mustang / Large V8


It is a 1972 Ford Mustang coupeIt took about 2 summers to build up from 2002 to 2004. It originally came with a 2V headed stock Cleveland engine and an FMX transmission  It is now powered by a 3#% cubic inch engine ... (I wanna keep the cubic inch size secretive so certain people don't know exactly what it is...but really its in the HIGH 3's... yea you might have an idea) It runs around 11.8:1 compression, it has stock 4V iron Cleveland heads w/ slightly ported pockets and a 3-angle valve job with new valve springs and pushrod guides, the cam is a Crower custom solid roller valve lift is .588 intake and .614 exhaust, duration is 239 intake and 246 exhaust and it has a 112 lobe separation with a 108 intake centerline w/ 4 degrees advance. It has a SCAT forged steel crank, SCAT forged H-beam rods, SRP forged pistons with a 4.030 bore. If anybody wants to know I'm using oil restrictors.. not the Moroso restrictors because the holes in those are too small, I used a different company's restrictors w/ larger holes but I forgot the name of them! I'm also using the oil line sold by MPG heads which routes oil from the rear of the block to the front so that the crank is supplied w/ more oil. I have an Edelbrock Torker manifold with a 2-inch open hole spacer and a 780 (it says 750 in advertisements but its really 780) proform main bodied Holley double pumper.. and a K&N x-streme air filter. I also have an MSD 6AL ignition box.. MSD billet distributor.. and an MSD blaster SS coil. The exhaust I'm using is Hooker Supercomp headers with 2-inch primaries and a 3-1/2-inch collectors which  runs into a 3-inch exhaust system with a Jeg's 3" x-pipe and 3" Flowmaster 50-series delta flow mufflers and dumps. There are no tail pipes on this baby... so yea.. its noisy but fun

Greg: This is the first time someone sent in an engine sound that we could use for their car and we could be none the happier Greg's was the first! Sounds great and looks great....GREAT!!! Thanks Greg.

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