Bad Ass Baghdad Brutha's!

"The Gang's All Here!"

This was written to us from SSGT Waller after he received our package: "Once I read the letter to my buddies and rest of the guys in the shop, they were excited to do the picture for you and Brain. You guys donít know how much we appreciate hearing about how people back home support us and what we do. We hear a lot of negative news about this war and after awhile you start to question if everyone feels that way. So when we hear how supportive and proud others are of us, it gives me a great sense of pride deep inside that I canít explain.  I just want to say thank you!

 This pictures was taken in front of a 50,000 lbs lifting capacity fork lift.  To put that weight in perspective, I have seen this fork lift pick up a Bull Dozer off of a flat bed trailer! Now the others are pictures of my buddies doing what we do best around the shop."

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