Bad Ass Baghdad Brutha's!

In case you were wondering, although MCC may or may not agree with the foreign policy that put them there we have and will ALWAYS stand behind our soldiers 110%. I had an uncle in Viet Nam and regardless what happened over there I still love him very much as he was just doing a job! So with that being said. Bob received an email from SSgt George Waller from a motor pool in Baghdad saying that their connection was very slow there and wondered if there was anything we could do for them so they could hear the motor sounds (once a gearhead, always a gearhead!!) So we put our website on a disk for them so they could enjoy all the sounds and other shenanigans that happen to take place on our site.

 At the same time I was speaking to Brian who owns the 1969 AMX on our 2005 calendar. I was telling him I wanted to send them a calendar but we had sold all of them so without hesitation Brian spoke up and said "give them one of mine!!!" So we did! The only thing I asked SSGT Waller was that he take a picture holding up Brian's picture of his smokin' AMX which as you will see not only did he do that for us but he also gave us some other VERY cool pictures that I will share with all of you!

(click on the pic to enlarge!)