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Super Chevy Show 2003


OK, what's the deal here? Two years I've been to the Super Chevy Show and two years the weathers been bad. Oh well that didn't seem to bother the bowtie boys...or me. Went out to the 1/4 track and got some good burnouts to buy some time before the sun came out but it never did. So I made the best of it and shot some cool Chevy's anyway. The owners that were at their cars were more than happy to give me the sound and there were some awesome sounds today!! I didn't shoot many cars as you will see these beautiful cars just don't look as vibrant underneath overcast skies. But I did get a lot of phone numbers so you will be seeing many of the cars I did shoot coming up on our "Feature Cars" section so keep your eyes and tires peeled!! Enjoy!


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