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We've been receiving so many cool emails about our site we thought we would share some of them with you along with the people and the cars they own. So if you would like to get your name on our site drop us a line telling us what you think of our website! Easy enough eh!?! Enjoy!!


Dear Greg,

I am a huge fan of your website. I am completely obsessed with all of those old 60's-70's classics, and I have got to say that you guys did a great job of getting pictures and even engine revvs of them all. They all are completely awesome and like I said, great job. What you do need though, is maybe some more 70's Corvette pictures. I've only seen one I think. Maybe a few Javelin pic's too. I haven't seen any of those. But other than that, your site is totally addicting to go to. Keep up the good work.


I'd just like to say that your website is the shit, its the greatest site in the universe. I love old cars, I myself have a 71 Ford Ranger, my dad has a 65 Ford f-350 we are both Ford fans but I have to say that flamed 55 Chevy is the sickest thing I've ever seen. Keep up the great  work, I know I'll keep going to the site



I just stumbled across your website and I am truly blown away.  I am a huge "gearhead", and I have found a website that answers my prayers.  I was born long after the muscle car era, so my knowledge is all second hand.  I have been to countless car shows and swap meets, but rarely get to see these cars do what they were built for.  Thank You so much for putting so much effort and love into something that we can all enjoy. 
I have seen dozens of 426 max wedges, but I have never had the privilege of hearing one with open headers....again thank you.
John Hicks


Hi Greg,

I just want to say thank you for creating a such great site! We are some muscle car fans here in Austria/Europe and we are just love what you put on the site. There can be seen just a few muscle cars here in Austria, most are "built" with some tasteless style but some are out here who´s heart beat is the beat of an all American muscle car like my friend Patrick who drives his 71 Mach1 in Salzburg, the birth town of Mozart. Since he is there in his Mach 1, the sound in the streets changed something from Mozart to the baritone of his V8.

Greetings from old Europe,




Hey I'm a 13 year old muscle car fanatic you can forget all them import pieces of junk I'll take American muscle any day. Man I have just recently found your web site and I mentioned it to all my freinds. I have been to a lot of other sites but yours really kicks @$$



I am so impressed with your website. My life has been put on hold until I could consume every video, sound and picture. I have never seen such an unbiased and interesting website on muscle cars BAR NONE! I have added it to my favorites and will be spreading the good news to one and all.
Thank you for putting so much effort into forwarding a wonderful hobby and way of life.
James Brown
Alberta, Canada

Wow, I must say, your site is one of the few on the net that really puts out a true appreciation for this lifestyle of us all (enthusiasts that is) I'm hoping to buy my Malibu (1968) in a few months, but first I have to buy and restore a 65 convertible mustang, planning on a 302 5.0 EFI with supercharger and powercooler, this is gonna be a sweet  ride, for the Malibu- I'm either thinking an LS1, or a LT1... cant decide yet...but I'm thinking of the LS1 with Borla (or maybe Flowmasters) just don't know yet either way, id like to show them off on your site if you approve of them when I get done? maybe ... ah well ...keep up the kickass site ..

James Dear
Jackson, MS


Man, this is a kick ass site! I am 17 and am obsessed with muscle cars, mainly Chevy's and Mopars, but if the car is awesome who the heck cares what make it is. I know what you're thinking, aw its another one of those young punks who thinks he really loves muscle cars. This is not true... I have strong, strong feelings against those damn imports, "ricers" or "punky-boy cars" as I call them. I absolutely hate the little shoeboxes with their damn coffee can mufflers that sound like pissed off weed whackers. I believe that I don't really have any connection with my generation, even with music. I am a Lynyrd Skynyrd, classic rock kinda guy. Anyways, I like to think of myself as a hardcore muscle car enthusiast, and cant stand to see a good ole muscle car fall into the wrong hands. Ahh my future car... no matter what it takes I will have this car one day. I have been lusting over this car for a long time... a 1970 Chevelle SS 454ci LS6 with a Muncie M22 (the rockcrusher) 4spd. Blue with white stripes and cowl induction, a set of Crager SS's and a good stereo blasting Free Bird within a 2mile radius.... holy crap  (Is there anyone out there who can help a poor high school schmuck?) Anyways, thanks allot for the site. It provides a great opportunity for people like me to further pursue this "passion"

Rock On!!
-Andew C.
Knoxville, TN


I think this is a great site on Muscle Cars. I love the sounds that you can listen to. There's so much stuff on this site to look at I could stay on for hours. Right now I'm only 15 years old and I hope to one day own a great muscle car like a Camaro or a Chevelle, whatever their all great cars I don't care what it is as long as it's a pure muscle car. Keep up the good work. 
 Thanks for putting up an awsome site-BRIAN TULL


Hello fellow muscle car fans.

I am a 16 year old muscle car lover from Montreal. A friend of mine found your site by accident and ever since then I have fallen in love with it. I really enjoy just sitting in my chair, checking the cars and sucking up the harmonious sounds produced by those V8s. In this new found obsession with "euro-sport" and "imports", that in my opinion is a pile of B.S., its hard to find a group of people to relate to does just that. I'll finish off this letter with 2 statements, my dream car and a small quote I say. My dream car is a 1969 Corvette with a Chevy 572ci, factory side exhaust, forged inards and 2x4 950 CFMs. =P. And my saying is "Some say the disco era is due for a comeback, I say the MUSCLE CAR ERA is due for a comeback!

Thanks a lot for your time,

Ricardo C.


Hi Greg,

 I wanted to thank you for putting together such an excellent site too. I could sit and watch the burnouts and listen to the sound bites all day long. I come from a time when you'd hear 'em opening up out on Woodward, and you could tell whether you had a Mopar, Chevy or Ford, I got pretty good at it. Your site brought back a lot of good memories. Keep up the good work.

Dave Lindemann_


Hey man I just wanted to say Holy This is a Hell of a site, love the clips of the burnouts and the sounds. Keep up the great work on the site cuz it really does kick ass. Later on


Hey I love your site! I found it about a month ago and I listen to it everyday if at all possible. Id like to hear a 70 AAR, a 70 T/A, or a 70 Judge<(my fav car of all time 1970 GTO Judge) I'm 15 from Groves, Texas and just to let you know I am soon to start my own resto on an E body! Looking at 2 different Challengers ones a RT/SE and ones a SE..and hope to start my own shop someday. Keep up the good work!!



Just gotta say that that video kicks ASS man!!!! Very cool. I don't have a rod yet but I'm planning on getting one and your site is really cool.  'Love the sound bites so keep 'em coming!!!!!!!!! Awesome. Thank you for the work to all of you.


Hi, my name is Tim and discovered your website a week ago and it's the best website I have ever been to in my life! I'm 17 years old and I love muscle cars. In a couple of weeks I will be making a proud purchase of a 1967 Pontiac GTO which could be featured on your website. You have provided valuable resources for all teenagers who love muscle cars.

Thanks Tim


Dear Sir,
            Ever since I found I fell in love with it. See me being only 15 I didn't't have a chance to see these cars in action, but thanks to you guys I have a place I can go to get my Muscle Car craving for the day (doctor prescribes me to take it twice daily) but I have one request, that is to see  more Chevelles.(especially 70s).  I would really love to see you guys do a 1970 Chevelle SS 454 (LS6) as one of your feature cars.  I know that may be a big request but I would love it if you could find a willing participant to do this (PS. a engine file would be nice too :) )  So Please try and to this in the future.
Thank you,
Tim Yurchak

greg- now there's a man who knows exactly what he wants!! Thanks Tim!!


You know, I honestly don't think that I have ever found a better site.  This is now my morning breakfast.  My brother and I are starting a site of our own, but you have now set a new standard for us.  I can't even explain the jollies that I have gotten listening to those motors roar.  Its really hard for me to try and work when I cant stop making my way back to that site.  Thank you sooooooo damn much for this.  Alright, I'm gonna try and get to work.


Thank you for creating such an exciting website for us gearheads! Last weekend when my Dad stopped by to visit, I showed him your site. He couldn't believe it! He wrote down the address, went home, and now his house sounds like musclecar heaven!




Just found your site by accident last night, and I'm back again... I love it!  I'm a exhaust sound junkie always in search of new sound bites.  I must say that yours are of the most consistent quality I've heard. Of course I'm a muscle car owner too, but my ride is nowhere near the quality of the ones featured on your site. (just an 84 TA with a 305... not very exciting.)  Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how neat your site is-- I'm not easily impressed, but you've done it.
Steve Wingate
The Car Guy of Benchfield: Photos, News, Commentary, Humor, NASCAR, and lots of general nonsense.



I just got done spending 4 hours with some friends on your website. As a young (24) owner of a muscle car it was a great break from the "fast and the furious" types of rice cars. Every time I thought I had seen all the stuff on your site I ended up finding another hour to kill. I REALLY like the fact that you have the sounds of some of the engines and the Videos are great. I have a 1972 cougar ( a rolling restoration) that I have been working on since I was 19. Last year I pulled the engine (351 C) and rebuilt it with some attitude. Here are a few of the parts weind single plain intake, carter carb, comp cams cam, rololer rockers, pete jackson gear drive, fluid dampers street dampers...among other things. I also ordered new seats and carpet today and maybe some day I will send ya some pics and sound files. Keep up the good work. Tell bob the site looks great.


Chris Mitchell

I'm not going to bore you about all of the cars "I used to have" (nor old war stories), but I will tell you that I love searching the web for cars that "I would love to have again". I came across your web site and fell in love with it. Love listening to the cars as well as looking at them. "You guys did a great job"!!    THANKS !!
By the way, I did find a couple that brought back fond memories of my GTOs, my ROAD RUNNER, my MUSTANG, my CHEVELLEs, my FAIRLANE, my CAMARO, AND EVEN MY '67 CORVETTE.(oops, I said I wouldn't do that) 
                                                                                                        Larry Gee

I just spent the last 2 HOURS on your site!!!!! And that was mostly just the Fords. I'd seen the Cammer Galaxie at Knotts last year, what a beauty. I'll get to 'em all sooner or later. What a lot of FUN!

I'm not sure how I even found your site, but I'm glad I did. Seeing Rich Ladd's Cougar Eliminator  MOV
IE was great! He's a great guy in the So Cal Cougar Club (I'm in the San Diego Cougar Club), his Cougar is a work of art, glad to see it runs as good as it looks.  I've got a 69 Cougar XR-7 convertible 428CJ RamAir (see link below and or attachment).

Tim B

I just got done checking out your site, and WOW I love to see the burnout's and hear the sweetet sound of those muscle car motors. I have a 70 Chevelle 454 and there is nothing like the power and the sound of muscle. Thanks again for a great web site it's a great way to relieve the stress of my job, I just fire up your site and listen to the soothing sounds of high revving horsepower. Rob Schwoyer


Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for an excellent website.  There are a select few people that would get a tear in their eye and a smile on their face when they hear a revving big block.  I am one of them and I'm glad to see that there are more of us out there.  Some people just don't understand.  Great job guys, keep it up!
Thanks again,
Andy Martinson
Minneapolis, MN

I just relived my youth!  Thanks guys for the awesome site and your diligent work.Taking a lunch break and listening to the audios got me laughing harder than a Jackal! 

Martin Braun

 By the way here's my car!!! 1977 Nova 350ci 60 over, Holley 650cfm VS, VicJr Open Intake, Melling CAM 445/467, Comp Full Roller 1:5 Rockers, Guide Plates, Port & Polished, Shaved 1:94 Heads, MSD Pro Billet Dis, 6AL Box, Blaster 2 Coil, MSD Heli Core Wires, Fluidampr Hooker Aero Chambers 475 cfm Mufflers, TH350 4 Stage Kit, 1800 Stall, Carter Fuel Pump, Griffin 1 1/2 in. 2 Core

Justin Hamers