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1962 Ford Galaxie XL 500 / 427 "Cammer" motor

"Mr. Cammer"

Mike Jackson (1943-2004)

Rest in peace Mike, you WILL be missed.

Wow, where do I start with this one!!! What doesn't Mike have or have done! When we arrived at Mike's residence it was lightly raining so I knew we weren't going to shoot the car right then but it turned out in my favor as I was given a tour that blew my mind!!!! There were racing shops in the 60's that didn't have the hardware that Mike has amassed. For instance, in the back garage there were 3 Galaxie's, a  63' 500 with a 427, a 63' 500 XL with a 406, a 62' 500 XL with the "cammer motor"and a  61' Starliner with a 427 w/ 2X4 bbl's and I'm not talking some tired old engines that smoke when you start them, these baby's were factory (and a little Mike!) race bread, well tuned pavement pounding pachyderms!!! To the to "work area" where there were at least 6-8 full race 427's, a 428 Cobra Jet an old 410 Mercury engine and various other stroker engines on stands, some his, some were lucky customer's  waiting for Mikes magic touch. There were storage areas jammed full of misc. car parts, body, suspension, steering etc. and we're still not done!! Then as like an art collector taking you to his secret room behind a fake wall to reveal  his most prized possessions I was allowed to feast my automotive eyes on a parts room with perfectly organized shelves and custom built racks of  valves, heads, cams, crankshafts, manifolds everything to build almost 2 complete "cammer" engines as well as other full race Ford FE engines. Can I get a moment of silence please!!!!!! I have never seen anything like it before in all my day's of racing or probably ever will again and later that day we were awarded with a ride to the location that I'll never forget. I can't begin to tell you everything about Mike's exceptional collection of automotive history but I can tell you plenty about Mike as an exceptional person as he so graciously took the time to allow me to look, listen and learn about the special engines and cars that very few people ever get the opportunity to experience. Thank you so much Mike, hope to see you again some time soon!

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