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1968 AMX / 390

I picture myself being just like Gene someday. Gene is retired, living in a beautiful house that he built himself in scenic Crestline and spending his time on his cars. Aside from his AMX Gene is currently working a 1929 Model A that he is doing a ground up restoration on with a Chevy 400 small block for motivation. Eventually Gene says he would like to restore a 1934 (5) window so if anyone has one (preferably in bad shape) please contact us here and we'll pass along the info. We really enjoyed our time with Gene as we were given the tour of the trophy room (some 36 trophy's he's won with the AMX) his garage and the breathtaking scenery around his abode. Thank you Gene for trusting two wacko's from Hollywood, we had a blast!

Higher quality shots are available in Picture Perfect, DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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