About us / Greg

I remember the first time I was old enough to pick out what I wanted for Christmas from the Sears catalog  I chose the Richard Petty Pit Crew set, and from then on if you wanted to make Greg happy buy him something with wheels, something automotive I could build or something that went fast! I remember my bike was the only one on the block with the Cheetah Slick with the raised white letters and a tall sissy bar! As I got older I took a liking to working on the automobiles, trucks, tractors, snowmobiles anything that we had on our farm. Then my first car, a silver  69 Charger with a black vinyl top,  I was sick with happiness! Didn't take long and I was putting brushed aluminum slots, thrush mufflers, aluminum intakes etc etc. What else was there to do in the middle of farmland USA....RACE! Race your friends, race your enemies, race the cops, race on tracks, race on gravel roads, hell anywhere there was another car for Christ's sake! Wasn't long and my driving "habits" began to catch up with me, I remember my uncle Ray giving me the best present a 17 year old boy could get....his own lawyer, that was one gift that definitely kept giving (or taking in this case!) I worked about 6 years as a Dodge / Chrysler /  Toyota mechanic in my home town of  Illinois before I decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue my second love, music, the result, I've now been to LA driving schools 16 times in the 15 years I've been out here! I could teach the damn class! All my life I've driven  fast cars and fast motorcycles and I've always stayed involved in the racing scene, not until recently when I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident where my band fired me did Bob seize the opportunity to finally corral me in to start this so called business, since I've been involved it's become monkey business, but nonetheless a business we both really enjoy and I'm very happy to be associated with it. I forgot how much fun it was to hang with the muscle car folk, my kind of folk, the tire smoking, engine revving, law breaking rebels I affectionately refer to as "deviants!" May muscle cars and the personalities of the people that drive them live forever!!!!