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1970 Hemi 'Cuda / 426 Hemi 2X4 bbl Pistol Grip 4 speed

What could be cooler than shooting a  numbers matching, completely restored, 2 4bbl 426 Hemi, Pistol Grip 4 speed, Shaker Hood with all the original paperwork 1970 'Cuda? Easy, the man that owns her! Hemi Jack! As monumental as this car is, it really fades in comparison to the owner. Hemi Jack is an icon, a living, breathing piece of automotive history. In our brief meeting I learned Hemi Jack survived three wars (WW2, Korean, and Vietnam) had raised a beautiful family (including Joel, a work of art himself!) and had owned & raced Hemi's from their first introduction in the 50's! And that's just the beginning! There's just not enough room on one website to properly pay homage to this great man. I mean you would have to have a pretty serious portfolio in order to have a nickname like "Hemi Jack", but trust me, there's no one that could ever do it more justice than the man we met that Sunday in San Diego! Please take the time to look at the pictures and listen to the interview and in a internet kind of way get to know Hemi Jack! I'm glad I did!

Higher quality shots are available on Picture Perfect DSL or cable recommended, dial ups OK if you don't mind the wait!

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