As our business grows we are receiving many letters from car owners all over the world! We thought we would share some of these letters with you....enjoy!! If you have any funny stories you'd like put on the website please email us, we'd love to put them up!!!

Click on the name of the letter you would like to read.

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 Steve Wingate / "First Impression's"

 Jasper Alabama 

 Greg Capes / "Read your manual"

 Hollywood California


  Steve Wingate / "The high school burnout"

  Jasper Alabama 


 Steve Wingate /  "The man's man!"

  Jasper Alabama


 Benjamin Monroe  / "Living on the edge"

 Montgomery Alabama


 Tom Allen / "Too much gas"

 Rochelle Illinois     

 Richard Perkins / "Stranger at the door"

 Rapid City SD