Richard Perkins / Rapid City South Dakota

Dear MCC,

 I would have never told this story to anyone but after reading some of the crazy stuff other people have done I thought I would share it with you anyway!!

 My first love / car was a 1969 Nova SS Hatchback with a 327 4 speed, it was silver with black interior and I was in LOVE with this car! I bought it in 1982 so there was some things wrong with it that I was fixing as I went along, one of which I learned the HARD way!! Being a senior that year in high school with this cool  it landed me a date with the hottest girl in school! The only thing was I also had a bit of a wild streak in me that her dad found out about and strictly forbid her to see me. But that didn't stop me. The plan was to park my car up the road and sneak down to her house, get her out the bedroom window and take off for a little cruise! Well her house was at the bottom of this road so when I parked my car on the hill I hit the parking brake and started down the gravel road to pick her up. Well anyone from the midwest or east knows that parking brakes can become rusty and freeze up, what I didn't know was that the owner before me unhooked the parking brakes all together. A fact I didn't realize until I was in back of her house helping her out of the window when I heard tires rolling down the gravel road followed by a very loud CRASH!!!! Seems my Nova must have popped out of gear and went rolling down the hill and right through the front door of the house into their kitchen!!!!

 The only good thing about it was that her dad was a builder and he made me help him rebuilt the damage I caused. We actually became good friends over he summer and I ended up dating his daughter for two years before she went off to college in a different state!!



Richard, was that before or after he beat the out of you?